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Relax • Realign • Rejuvenate
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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very light massage that aims to stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid using,techniques to stimulate the receptors in the skin such as; Stationary circles, Scooping, Pumping Techniques, Rotary technique (two hand  ...see more 

Runners Blight - Achilles Tendinopathy

 RUNNERS BLIGHT – Achilles Tendinopathy I saw a new client yesterday who loves to run and run. It gives him a high like nothing else. In fact, he gets jittery if he doesn’t get to run. Now some would say there is nothing w  ...see more 

Boyup Brook Clinic Now Open

  Gabrielle has seen her first clients in the new Boyup Brook clinic. Helen Hack the physiotherapist has made the transition an easy one with her friendly welcome and assistance in providing a wonderful space in which to set up. Boy  ...see more 

New Clinic Boyup Brook

 Specialised Massage Opening in Boyup Brook in WA’s Amazing South West I am having a tree change and moving to Boyup Brook on 14th May 2018. Apologies to my existing customers and welcome to my new clients. I have been fortunate to acq  ...see more 

Is it Arthritis

  Is it Arthritis Agggh - My Aching Body Joint and body pain is not just the affliction of the older person. Injury and dysfunct  ...see more 

Max Your Massage

  Maxing YOUR MASSAGE September 2017 Nicky Scrivener Remedial and Soft Tissue Therapist You’ve drifted and maybe snoozed during your massage. You rise from the table in a state of bliss and release. Yeah…. The  ...see more 

Not all headaches are the same

 Headaches have varied origins and causes and visiting a remedial massage therapist may be the answer to your pain and suffering. It doesn’t matter if your headache is due to neck problems from trauma, nerve entrapment, arthritis or just plain t  ...see more 

Tips To Relieve Sore Ribs in Pregnancy

 What’s Happening? Pain in your ribs is more often caused by the increasing pressure on your abdomen and ribs by your growing uterus. Baby’s movement and kicking can cause sudden jabbing pains. Often the pressure and pain is felt or w  ...see more 

Back Pain Begone - Massage Helps

 You can get relief from most causes of chronic and persistent lower back pain. It can be relieved even after an acute injury and it is not something to expect to live with as we age. Lower back pain relief can be just a few massage treatments away.   ...see more 

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