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Feel Great!
Relax • Realign • Rejuvenate
Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapies | Mundaring | Boyup Brook
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Specialised Massage Mundaring Kalamunda

Sports Massage

We provide services for the casual sports person or those who are pursuing competition levels.
Sports Massage Treatment addresses the common areas of strain and injury encountered in leisure pursuits, training and competition.
  • tight hamstrings, quads and adductors
  • tennis elbow
  • ankle injuries
  • shoulder injury
  • back and neck strain
  • muscular strain
  • recovery from muscle tendon and ligament injury
  • body mal-alignment caused by soft tissue tightness 

We have experience in assisting people participating in the following sports.

Cycling | Soccer | Tennis | Walking | Kayaking | Jujitsu | Cricket | Swimming | Junior Sports | Gym | Equestrian | Marathon 

 Urban Myth - No pain – no gain. 

Tissue responds to pain with reflex recoil and contraction. This is the opposite effect to release and relaxation. If pain is induced through your treatment, it is unpleasant and you are less likely to have a lasting treatment effect .
Specialised Massage pride ourselves in using techniques that gently relieve restrictions and pain.

Sports Massage Benefits 

  • Relieves pain and prevents stiffness
  • Lessens the chance of injury
  • Tailored to the muscles used in your sport
  • Improves and enhances endurance
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Supports improved posture and alignment
  • Enhances strength and tone
  • Taping improves muscle coordination alignment and function
We focus on the functional movement and physiology using techniques with staged management and treatment plans based on assessments that identify soft tissue structures that are not functioning optimally.


Remedial Soft Tissue and Massage Therapy $90/hr*
Sports Massage $90/hr*
Pregnancy Birth and Postnatal Massage $110/hr*
Relaxation – Soothing Full Body $80/hr
Reiki $80/hr
Reflexology (Mundaring only) $80/hr
Posture Screening $30/15min**
Full Posture Evaluation 30 min $60/ 30min**
Balance and Gait Assessment $30/15min**
Better Breathing (Mundaring only) $60/hr**
Happy Babies Massage Price on Application
Corporate and Events Massage Price on Application

* Private Health Insurance applies
** Private Health Insurance applies if within a single treatment session
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