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Feel Great! - Relax • Realign • Rejuvenate
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Feel Great!
Relax • Realign • Rejuvenate
Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapies | Mundaring | Boyup Brook
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Specialised Massage Mundaring Kalamunda

Massage for Mums, Dads and Babies 


You can choose to have a remedial massage or simply a relaxation massage. Your massage is focussed on meeting your particular needs, leaving you feeling wonderful. Relax and enjoy your massage secure in the knowledge that you are in the care of midwifery trained accredited massage therapists.
Research indicates that rates of medical intervention and premature births are lower when women have massage in pregnancy and labour. Peri-natal massage packages include antenatal, labour, postnatal and paediatric. Read More

Massage in Labour

During labor pain impulses are transmitted along the lower thoracic spine. Referred pain radiates from the uterus and cervix and is often felt in the abdomen, lower back, sacrum, hips and down the thighs. Pain is present only during a contraction, but some women may feel pressure and discomfort between contractions. Pain is felt more strongly in the back and pelvis when the baby; is large, presenting face upwards or there is a narrow pelvis. Read more

Infant Massage

Massage is an ancient practice that has physical, emotional and psychological benefits for people of all ages. Research has shown that massage “supports physical, emotional and cognitive development” (Leiderman 2001)
Yes we can massage your baby in your presence.
However we prefer to teach you how, so you can use massage as an everyday pleasure. Read More 


Remedial Soft Tissue and Massage Therapy $90/hr*
Sports Massage $90/hr*
Pregnancy Birth and Postnatal Massage $110/hr*
Relaxation – Soothing Full Body $80/hr
Reiki $80/hr
Reflexology (Mundaring only) $80/hr
Posture Screening $30/15min**
Full Posture Evaluation 30 min $60/ 30min**
Balance and Gait Assessment $30/15min**
Better Breathing (Mundaring only) $60/hr**
Happy Babies Massage Price on Application
Corporate and Events Massage Price on Application

* Private Health Insurance applies
** Private Health Insurance applies if within a single treatment session
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