Feel Great!
• Relax
• Realign
• Rejuvenate
Feel Great! - Relax • Realign • Rejuvenate
Feel Great!
Relax • Realign • Rejuvenate
Remedial Massage & Bodywork
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Specialised Massage Mundaring Kalamunda

Our Charter 

Our Commitments 

We will:

  • work to assist you to achieve your health goals
  • assess your needs for each visit
  • plan your massage treatment with you
  • adjust our practice to keep you comfortable
  • respect your dignity and privacy during treatment
  • work with you to resolve or remedy any concerns
  • respond to your contact within 48 hours
  • advise you if there are any delays in resolving your concern
  • respect and protect your information as required by law
  • your right to raise a concern is respected and we make it easy

Our Expectations of You


  • read your Consent to Treatment and ask for any clarification before signing
  • maintain and advise us of any health changes to allow us to keep you safe
  • treat your therapist with courtesy and consideration
  • advise us if you are in pain or would like a change in the treatment
  • understand that your therapist has the right to refuse treatment or to complete your massage if your or their safety appears compromised
  • keep appointments or contact us promptly for changes or cancellations
  • understand that we require immediate payment for services

Thank You

Nicky and Gabrielle

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