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Feel Great!
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Happy Babies Massage

Massage is an ancient practice that has physical, emotional and psychological benefits for people of all ages. Research has shown that massage “supports physical, emotional and cognitive development” (Leiderman 2001)

Yes we can massage your baby in your presence.
However we prefer to teach you how, so you can use massage as an everyday pleasure.  

Benefits of Baby Massage 

  • Reduces baby’s frustration levels, crying time
  • Regulates sleep patterns and improves sleep
  • Promotes weight gain in underweight and preterm babies
  • Improves appetite digestion and weight gain
  • Improves digestion relieves colic wind reflux and constipation
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reassures soothes builds trust and supports bonding relationships
  • Improves development of coordination fine motor skills and muscle tone
  • Reduces postnatal depression

When you learn the Happy Babies method you will be able to combine the effects of therapeutic touch with the benefits of nurturing and relaxing massage. 
The basic routine is easily adapted for each individual child’s needs and their developmental stage. 

What You Can Expect at a Happy Babies Massage Course

The when and where to perform massage are as important as the why; each situation is unique. 
Massage is appropriate; to aid relaxation, to soothe and provide relief, as part of personal communication, to stimulate muscle or just for fun. 
Choosing the best environment, routine and strokes will be different each time.
In small groups or during a private session you will:
  • learn the basic strokes and sequence, 
  • indications and contraindications 
  • be better informed in the choice of products to safely use on delicate skin
  • learn to get permission to massage, teaching your child personal body rights
  • be assisted to adjust the basic massage routine for special needs 
  • learn strokes easily as they are put to nursery rhymes for easy recall
  • learn to use Baby Auslan Signing to aid communication 
  • Meet other parents and carers who also want to add smiles to their days
  • Take home your Massage Pack sets you up for success

We keep it simple and economical – easy to learn and easy to attend
Your instructors are highly trained midwives and massage therapists


Remedial Soft Tissue and Massage Therapy $90/hr*
Sports Massage $90/hr*
Pregnancy Birth and Postnatal Massage $110/hr*
Relaxation – Soothing Full Body $80/hr
Reiki $80/hr
Reflexology (Mundaring only) $80/hr
Posture Screening $30/15min**
Full Posture Evaluation 30 min $60/ 30min**
Balance and Gait Assessment $30/15min**
Better Breathing (Mundaring only) $60/hr**
Happy Babies Massage Price on Application
Corporate and Events Massage Price on Application

* Private Health Insurance applies
** Private Health Insurance applies if within a single treatment session
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